Medication Disposal



Look for this sign in your pharmacy!


Check your medication labels – chances are you have expired or unused medicines, vitamins and over-the-counter products in your home. Return these unused medications to your pharmacist for environmentally safe disposal! Throwing medicines in the trash or flushing them down the toilet is unsafe and can harm the environment.


Here are some helpful tips for when returning your unused medication to your pharmacist:

  • When returning needles they must be in a SHARPS container and not mixed with any other medications.
  • If returning liquids and powders leave in original packaging. 
  • Remove capsules or tablets from vials or blister packaging and place in a sealed plastic bag.
  • For privacy, remove any identifying labels or information.



To find a pharmacy that participates in ENVIRx (drug disposal program) click here



About the ENVIRx Program: Through the ENVIRx Program, pharmacists promote safe and effective drug use while giving Albertans an opportunity to return unused and expired medications to their community pharmacy. Last year through the EVNIRx program, RxA members collected over 100 tonnes of expired drugs. 


By bringing in your old mediations to your pharmacy, it presents an opportunity to touch base with your pharmacist and talk about a medication that hasn't worked or a perhaps a situation that has changed. Your pharmacist is available to help you with all your medication questions.


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