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  Please try the following steps to clear your browser:

  • 1. Log-in and Log-out again and close browser
  • 2. Log back in 
  • 3. Delete browsing history
  • 4. Reload and refresh tab
  • 5. If this does not 'clear' the system, maybe try using another browser, such as Firefox.


1. If the registration is for an event without cost, please try the following:

  • Reload the page by clicking the F5 key or the refresh icon in the browser
  • or click the back button in the browser and try to register again
  • You may need to delete the browsing history or try another browser


 2. If you finished a payment process on your membership or event registration, DO NOT refresh the screen and DO NOT try to go through the payment process again.

Leave the page and contact to confirm your payment or registration status (if registration is for a free course)


3. If you are trying to access the member area, the email used to log-in is not linked to a current membership. 



We apologize for the inconvenience.


Please email to report any other issues you found as well.