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PIA "tool kit" documents

The following “tool kit” documents support pharmacists through the PIA process specific to accessing Alberta Netcare Portal (formerly called Portal 2006).

RxA has worked extensively with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) to make this a straight forward process. The traditional PIA method has been streamlined for this specific PIA and does not require the completion of the PIA questionnaire provided by OIPC. Completion of the PIA is one essential step that must be finished prior to a pharmacy receiving access to Alberta Netcare Portal.


Click Here: Instructions on how to use this tool (print and read before proceeding)


PIA Background Information

1. RxPress Article – Streamlining the PIA Process (Winter 2008)
2. RxPress Article – Overview: Sign Off on HIA Policies and Procedures (Spring 2008)
3. EHR Fact Sheet


Tools to complete this PIA

4. OIPC Cover Letter (revised September 2014)
5. Generic HIA Policies and Procedures (revised October 2015)
6. Alberta Netcare Summary of PIA Part B for Portal

7. Generic Pharmacy- P  P 2017 


Need assistance with your RTI PIA?


Pharmacists needing PIA support can contact us at  rxa@rxa.ca or contact

Dale Cooney at dale.cooney@rxa.ca


or  eHealth Support Services HD - 1 855.643.8649. or  ehealth.rti.canw@cgi.com